Monday, June 8, 2015

Recipes : Adorable Bear Bread with Red Bean Filling

It's school holiday again, and to have some mom son bonding session, we both agree on a baking adventure! I've been eyeing these cuties on Pinterest for the longest time, and I'm so excited for it to succeed on our first time <3 So much love! 

Jasper is such a sweetheart and help me throughout the whole baking session. He also insist we have to follow his 'rules' so we end up sitting in the kitchen waiting for the dough to proof for an hour...

But all in all, 10 stars for this round baking adventure! Exciting news : We will also be having a free bread making session making this on SSB bazaar this 11 July 2015, so don't miss out!

Bread Dough Recipe (500g) :
Instant Yeast 1pkt
High Protein Flour 500g
Milk Powder 3tbsp
Salt 0.5tsp
Sugar 100g
Butter 100g
Egg 1nos
Water 300g
Red Bean Filling 1pkt

Sequence :
Water , Butter, Egg, Milk Powder, Salt, Sugar, Flour ,Yeast

Noxxa Breadmaker : Prog 10
Oven Preheat 200c
Bake 170c / 20min

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Husband.

Everyday, I hear about broken marriages, cheating boyfriends/girlfriends, complicated relationships and broken souls.

Everyday, I look at every corner and as as things became clear I see how the society is broken. The technology improves, yet every soul become more and more lost.

And everyday, as I hear and see things and people and problems and stories, I respect and love my husband a little more.

For the most of you that know who I am, you will know how rare I appear with my husband. I often describe my husband as an introvert, someone who is loving and caring and although quiet, can be trusted. 

For awhile I didn't know how to handle his silence. He never complain to me, nor does he share with me his problems and stress. 

Does he have any? 
Yes I know he does. 

Yet he kept silence and for the first year we got married, and I am often frustrated and lost because of his silence.

But as another year passed, and another year passed. 
And I learn more and more about my husband. 
Although he still kept silence, and never utter a word of stress to me. 
I soon learn that his silence meant his love and care. 

And all I have to do? 
Is to trust him.

The first year we got married, I thought he wasn't romantic, not even a single inch.

Then the more I hear, the more I see.
Romantic man that have done so much elaborate events and gave so much presents to ladies, they don't stay romantic to one single lady.

Yet my husband?
I watch as his silence shown me trust.
I watch as his hugs gave me strength.
I watch as his kisses never ended.
I watch as his patience never cease.
I watch as his actions prove his love.
And he became the most romantic man I ever known and loved.

The first year we got married, I thought his silence would kill our marriage.

Then the more I grow, the more I saw.
Many men with many lovely words, they said it to so many others.

Yet my husband?
His actions gain my trust.

In such a generation we are in right now, cheating seems such an easy line to cross.
Technology continues to improve and it becomes easier and easier for us to get lost in the world filled with beautiful, amazing, new adventures.

Will my husband never cheat on me? I will never know.
Will I never cheat on him? I will never know.
The border seems to easy to cross.

But for now, the both of us? 
I'm in love. And as long as trust is build between us, I am willing to believe that we will never cheat.

Because as days continue passing by, and as we continue to grow, so many more challenges will come our way.

A friend ask me once, how do I cope with being a wife, a mother and still be building a business? I told him I must be awesome, but the truth is because I have a great enough husband that is willing to trust me and love me no matter my imperfections.

And the more love I've received from him, the more I want to contribute to lessen his burden.
People ask me why I have big dreams and why I am motivated, now I hope you understand.
Because I am grateful for having my husband and my son, and I want us to last for a long long time, enjoying moments and growth instead of continue to struggle in life for many many more years to come.

We can grow in love, and we can grow out of love. 
And I hope, for many many more years to come, when I grow in love and grow out of love and grow in love again, the man will still be my husband.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LvBeii Mobile Beauty FB Page And Complete Facial Service GIVEAWAY!

It had been quite awhile since I started a FB page for my beauty & skincare business, I haven't had the time to really focus and expand it from then, but recently I thought of putting my focus back on the social media to help bring my business to another level!

So awhile back, I changed my logo to something more solid (the above) , and I kind of like the new one a lot better. Following that, I've come up with many exciting programs and collaboration that I will continue to announce on the FB page! 

The first news, 
 July 12 & July 13  is the first official personal image beauty class that us folks in Bfree Studio will be conducting. Now, not most of us looks like supermodel and have that height or perfect face shape. This class is meant to address all participants skin problems, face type & body type and how to bring out the best in us. 

Some of the topic would include, Hands-on topics like 'How much pressure to apply in our skincare routine' , 'How to complete a No Make-up, Make-up look - The tips that you haven't know' which is one of the questions customers always asked. The class would be more on hands-on, and would be perfect if you :

1. Wants to find out about your hue and how to use colors to your advantage.
2. Just graduated and looking for a proper image to present during interviews.
3. Looking for the perfect type of cut and material for your bodytype.
4. Hope to understand how to protect and improve your skin condition.

Then the other news, is where I've finally coming up with a Priviledge Card that will bring many exciting benefits to the members. I ended up with two different design that I really like, so before I am going to send them into printing, I need your input to know which will be the design I will be using for the first card ever! 

So it will be the first GIVEAWAY!

All you need to do, go to our FB page, vote for the design you like best under this link HERE for one valid entry. Then share the link out if you want another valid entry!

Three winners will be getting a complete free facial (includes skin analysis) that we normally charge at least RM90 or above. 

That's all the update I have for now, but there will be some exciting news coming soon! So look out for it on our FB page and I'm sure you'll not regret it! :D

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Places : Awesome Canteen, Paramount, Seapark PJ

I was driving around Seapark one day when a new name caught my attention, as weird as 'Awesome Canteen' may sound, it caught my attention right away and the name just stay repeated in my head. And after that, so many reviews were coming out about this place it's hard to resist not going any longer!

Upon entering the cafe, we're amazed by how good it looks despise using simple and minimal decorations. I especially love the trees that were seemingly 'chuck' around the area, not even with a proper pot to hold it in, it looks so rustic and perfect at the same time. The place uses many 'old school' things that you'll find familiar.

A wall with plants hung at the very back of the cafe, a good space for photos as well!

We were there to celebrate my dad's birthday and all three of us loved the food and enjoyed the ambience. The people there is really friendly as well!

 Cappuccino (RM9), Mocha (RM10), Paleo Chicken Burger (RM18.90)

Haven't tasted the coffee, but the Paleo Chicken Burger is great! It's juicy and tender to the last bite, and the side dishes fits into the healthy meter and still yummy! This burger had been instagrammed, facebooked, tweeted all over, because the patty is made of mushroom instead of bread!

Awesome Creme Bites (RM11.90), Market Fresh Fish Fillet (RM39.90)

The Creme Bites were made of a selection of vegetables and cream and it tasted like mushroom soup, but even better, because it's solidified with a crusty appearance. One bite in and you'll understand why they name it Awesome, the juicy fillings spill into your mouth immediately and the combination of the crust with the creme works just right! 

The Fresh Fish Fillet is juicy and really fresh, the sauce fits perfectly and with the alfalfa sprouts,cabbage and all at the sides, this make for another pretty healthy dish.

Awesome Beef (RM79.90)

This four comes in a set with the Awesome Beef. Quite a big meal I probably would say to share among two. I loved everything from the appetizer, to the soup and the dessert, but maybe because I'm not a big fan of beef anymore, I didn't really enjoyed the meat. However I'm in love with the side dish that came with it. I think it's grilled vegetables and they all tasted so good!

All in all, the food were really good and worth every cents you're paying for. However the bill doesn't comes up cheap so it'd probably not as suitable to have your daily lunch there. But definitely worth going for a celebration or two! 

We all had a happy and satisfying meal, and everyone there sung a happy birthday song to my very handsome father!

Awesome Canteen, I'll be back again for sure!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Make-Up Portfolio : Wicked Witch Of The West

I'm always grateful for the chance to add onto my make-up portfolio. Nicole requested for a sexy yet dark look for their theme 'Wicked Witch Of The West' photoshoot, so I came up with this. I love how all the colors look when put together, creating a sort of autumn shade.  

The eye makeup is an intense shading of green, gold and dark brown eyeshadow, lined with liquid black eyeliner. I went wild with the eyebrow, matching a black shade to her gorgeous hair color. I loved this look and would consider redo-ing it for night events even!

Photographer (s) : thepixelbunny & sarahannechoa
Model : Carolina Freitas
Make-Up Artist : Beii

Monday, October 14, 2013

Freebies : Printable Minions (2) Bookmarks

I know I promise this quite awhile back...heck, i'm not even sure if the minion craze is over!

But for those of you loyal minion fans out there, here's the second series of the minions bookmarks!
Simply save the picture below, and print them out!

Have fun!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Places : Sanbanto SS2 (Non- Halal)

The other day, I asked my cousin out for her birthday lunch. It was quite a challenge because her family is known to be pretty strict in their tastebud and so I had a hard time wondering where I should bring her to. I was then reminded about this shop named Sanbanto in SS2, it's quite about time too!

I've been thinking of trying this place out ever since I first saw it, but I never quite get to it. The reason being, I never really liked pork anyway, they never rank high in my list. However, I've heard so much rave about this place claiming that their pork are the best and after a little research to other blogs, I got to know they actually had their own farm to rare those pigs themselves. 

Funny how I forgotten to take pictures of the place itself, it's quite a small space and you can get fresh meat there or choose to dine in. I'm not sure about you, but I would skip the space where we'll have to face the raw meat when choosing the seats, not exactly the best scenery to look at when you're eating them...

So we ordered 3 dishes to share among the both of us and Jasper, the first was of course the cheesy pork ball I always seen those bloggers ordered. We were both surprised at how fresh the pork were and how REAL the cheese was, you know how rare this can be.. This is really good and even Jasper ate one whole big ball himself!

Then I ordered this bacon pesto spaghetti and again was impressed. Pesto isn't exactly my kind of thing, I always thought the taste was a little weird for my tastebud but I'd ordered it because it was a healthier sauce compared to the rest. 

However this dish tasted amazing, I think I like this the most out of the three dishes! The pesto was alot creamier than what we usually get outside and it seems to balance out the weird blanch taste of pesto. However, it wasn't too creamy so you wouldn't feel overwhelm after a couple of mouth. The bacon goes really well with the sauce too. Again, Jasper who is quite picky about his food eats this without any problem and seems to enjoy it as much as I did too!

Next up was the barbeque ribs, if I remembered correctly, this was one of their popular dishes, but it didn't really do the trick for me. I'm guessing it's because of their bbq sauce, I was hoping they had one with no sauce, but this was the only choice when I was there. The bbq sauce came on really strong and I guess it covers everything else up. However, the meat was really fresh and my cousin seems to like this dish.

Would I visit Sanbanto again?

Yes, I probably would when a friend who loves pork wants a lunch together. This would be a really good option if you're a heavy meat eater, especially since their meat is really top grade. You could practically taste the difference once it's in your mouth, but otherwise, there are hardly anything else other than pork meat on the menu. Given a personal choice, I'll probably still stick to more vegetable base restaurants, with only a tiny portion of meat to accompany beside.

Sanbanto Restaurant & Cafe is located at
 32 Jalan SS 2/63, Ss 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia